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Machine Learning With Python & R Training

Excellent training program including the basics and various scenarios and algorithms. The trainer was very knowledgeable and highly experienced and was able to help us with our queries in a clear manner. Highly recommend this training program.

Kunal Kabra, William O’ Neil (Senior Software Engineer)

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Advanced C++ Training

Excellent in explaining/discussion Design concepts of Do's and Don’ts for advanced C++

Harikrishna Vobilis, Radisys Corporation (Senior Software Engineer)

guy-profile Stalwart Learning

Python Training Program

It was excellent. I am not from coding background still I am able to follow. I feel it should have a little more time so that we could get more time to hands on.

Chetan Bakare, Sony India (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer)

Stalwart Pyramid

Stack of awareness, basic, intermediate & advanced programs designed to transform employees of different levels & functions to provide in-depth understanding of emerging technologies.

Programs designed to understand the emerging technologies in the larger context to help leaders & decision makers to evaluate various aspects from all angles before embedding in the system and to make informed decisions.

Short-Duration complete Hands-on programs designed for experienced employees to upgrade them with newer tools and technologies which will help them in effective implementation and deployment of their projects.

Interactive programs specially designed for freshers to keep them engaged and to ensure that new hires are effective, innovative, productive & confident after the completion of the training.


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