UFT (Unified Functional Testing) Training

This Hands-on Training Program on Unified Functional Testing (UFT) takes participants through the basics of Test Automation.

  • Participants will gain in depth QTP tool learning and practical usage
  • They will know the best practices for writing automation scripts
  • They shall understand when to use automation – automation decision making and ROI determination
  • Participants will know how to create automation frameworks?
  • Participants will know how to achieve maximum re-usability and reduce run times?
  • Participants will know how to create scripts in a way that reduce human interaction and provide consistent results?

5 Days

Participants with a good understanding of SDLC, STLC and Manual Test case documentation and execution skills will make a difference in achieving much better success at learning automation testing.

Familiar with the feature of UFT

  • Record and Run Time Setting
  • Expert View
  • Keyword View
  • Test Setting
  • Options


Types of recording

  • Normal
  • Low Level &
  • Analog Recording


VB Script

  • Variable Declaration
  • Operators
  • Loop statement
  • Conditional Statement
  • Data Types in VB Script
  • Arrays in VB Script
  • Option Explicit
  • Variant


Working with Datatable

  • Method and Properties


Working with Actions Types of Actions Working with Functions

Types of functions and arguments



  • Data Table
  • Environment Variable
  • Random Number
  • Action Parametrization

Object Properties and Method

Objects in UFT 

  • Test, Run Time and Utility Object


Object Repository

  • Local & Shared Repository


Object Identification Object Spy

Smart Identification Descriptive Programming

Ways of writing Descriptive Programming Checkpoints

Types of Checkpoints Output Value

Types of Output value


Error Handling

  • Test Setting
  • On error resume next
  • Exit Statement
  • Err Object


  • Recovery Scenario
  • Sync, Wait, Exist Methods
  • SystemUtil and InvokeApplication Method Reporter Event
  • AOM (Automation Object Model)
  • Important Functions available in UFT and VB Script Dictionary Objects
  • Regular Expression Debug Viewer
  • File System Object Working With Excel
  • Virtual Objects Framework in UFT
  • Automation Test Life Cycle Management Test Planning and Estimation