SonarQube Training

SonarQube is quality management web application to track and improve the quality of source code. It has different functionality and plugins which empowers developers to create the unique, reliable and quality codes for the application development process. It’s built on JAVA and supports various other older and newer languages. IT/Web development companies use it to detect the bugs/defects in the application development process within no-time and reduce the risk

1 Days

While this course does not involve programming, students should have some experience with a programming or markup language. Additionally, students should be familiar with navigating the command line. If unfamiliar or if you want a refresher, check out these instructions or this introductory course.

  • Installing SonarQube
  • Analyzing Source Code
  • UI Tips
  • Browsing a Project
  • Issues
  • Measures
  • Plugin Library
  • Local and Branch Analysis