Sisense Training

Sisense Training - Stalwart Learning

Sisense is a business intelligence software which allows the user to easily prepare, analyze and explore growing data from multiple sources.


Please find below the objective of training:

  • All around knowledge on Sisense, various concepts and overview of its architecture.
  • Install and configure Sisense
  • Data visualization and effective management of Data.
  • Creating Data Alerts and Managing Sisense Pulse

5 Days

Understanding of How Data Works

  • Overview
    • Sisense Introduction
    • Sisense Tools And Components
    • Basic Concepts and Terminology
    • User Roles
    • Architecture Internals

    Installing Sisense

    • Downloading and Installing Sisense
    • Licensing Terminology
    • Launching Sisense
    • Sisense Data Connections And First Dashboard
    • Connect To Data
    • Create Your First Dashboard

Elastic Manager – Data Mgmt Tool

  • Overview
  • Introduction To Elasticubes
  • Elasticubes – Technical Overview
  • Working With The Elasticube Manager
  • Connecting To Source Data
  • Working With Data
  • Transforming And Enriching Data
  • Building Elasticubes
  • Making Changes To An Existing Elasticube
  • Build Settings And Data Accumulation Behavior
  • Managing Elasticubes

Creating Dashboards

    • Creating A New Dashboard
    • Adding Widgets To A Dashboard
    • Adding Text Widgets
    • Additional Widget Design Options
    • Managing Widgets
    • Customizing The Dashboard Layout
    • Filtering Dashboards And Widgets
    • Using Formulas
    • Working With Time
    • Customizing The Dashboard Layout
    • Changing A Dashboard’s Elasticube
    • Embedding Dashboards And Widgets

Using Dashboards

  • Viewing Dashboards
  • Interacting With Filters As A Viewer
  • Drilling Down In A Widget
  • Making Selections In A Widget
  • Zooming In/Out In Charts
  • Resizing The X-Axis To Expose Labels
  • Downloading A Dashboard As A Pdf
  • Downloading A Dashboard As An Image
  • Exporting Widgets To CSV/Excel
  • Downloading A Widget As An Image


    • Exporting Widgets
    • Exporting And Sharing Dashboards
    • Downloading Dashboards As An Image
    • Creating Pdf Reports
    • Customizing Pdf Reports

Managing And Sharing Dashboards

  • Managing Dashboards ( Viewing / Locating/Duplicating/Organizing /Deleting Dashboards)
  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Sisense Emails

Sisense Pulse And Alerting

  • Overview
  • Sisense Alerts
  • Sisense Pulse
  • Sisense Email

Sisense Odbc

  • Installing ODBC Driver
  • Creating ODBC Connection
  • Connecting Sisense in Excel
  • Sisense as Live connection in Tableau
  • Import Data using Microsoft Query

Sisense Mobile

    • Navigating Sisense Mobile
    • Exploring Data
    • Sharing Widgets

Sisense For Developers

  • Sisense Rest API
  • Custom Rest Connector
  • Adding Functionality With Javascript
  • Pre- And Post-Build Plugins
  • Sisense Shell (Psm.Exe)
  • SQL  API


    • Real-Time Case Study
    • Creating the End-End Project
    • Assessing Participants Knowledge