RequireJS Training

This training program drives participants through Require.js which is the best tool for loading Javascript files from different modules and managing the dependencies between between different Javascript files.

2 Days

A good understanding and experience in Javascript is required to attend this training program.

  • Getting Started With RequireJS
  • Introduction to the Sample Project
  • Downloading and Including RequireJS
  • Using External Libraries as Dependencies
  • Asynchronous Module Definition
  • Defining AMD Modules
  • The Module Design Pattern
  • Define the Remaining Modules
  • Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
  • Define Remote Modules
  • Using Subdirectories
  • Performance Implications of Remote Modules
  • Build Environment and Running r.js
  • Optimization Result
  • Debugging and Source Maps
  • Build Profiles
  • Base Url
  • Paths
  • Shim
  • Config
  • WaitSeconds
  • Deps and Callback
  • UrlArgs
  • Text Plugin
  • Handlebars Plugin
  • Custom Plugin
  • Jasmine
  • Testing RequireJS Modules
  • Squire