RabbitMQ Training

2 Days

HW: 1 System Per Participant

  1. 4GB RAM or above
  2. Intel i3 Processor or above
  3. Projector
  4. Mac to Projector Thunderbolt cable/plugin
  5. Proper Internet connectivity


  • Setting up the required folders
  • Downloading and installing RabbitMQ
  • The role of a consumer
  • The role of a producer
  • Bindings consumers and producers
  • Messages and durability
  • How to verify delivery
  • Starting and stopping nodes
  • RabbitMQ configuration files
  • How to manage privileges
  • Viewing statistics and analyzing logs
  • Sending alerts
  • How to set up parallel processing
  • The architecture of a cluster
  • Queues in a cluster
  • Setting up a test cluster
  • Distributing the nodes to more machines
  • How to preserve messages: mirrored queues
  • Writing robust code
  • Installing and configuring HAProxy
  • Failing clients between servers
  • Setting up a load balancer-based master/slave
  • Installing the Shovel plugin
  • Configuring and running Shovel
  • The RabbitMQ Management plugin
  • Managing RabbitMQ from the web console
  • Administering users from the web console
  • Managing queue from the web console
  • Using the command line interface