Puppet Training

puppet training - Stalwart Learning

This hands-on corporate training is targeted for the budding DevOps professionals, experienced sysadmins and enthusiasts alike who are already using puppet, or intend to use it to automate configuration management, system integration and manage scalable infrastructures with ease.

3 Days

  • Basic understanding of Linux/Unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editor

Introduction to Puppet

  • Evolution of Infrastructure
  • How Puppet can help to manage this Infrastructure
  • Puppet Overview

 Setting up Learning Environment

  • Installing VirtualBox
  • Installing Vagrant
  • Importing Base Box
  • Additional Setup Tasks

Resources, RALs and Manifests

  • Understand Puppet Resources
  • Resource Abstraction Layer
  • Manifests

Modules, Ordering and The Trifecta

    • Write Nginx Module
    • Modules Overview

Modules Continued

  • Classes Overview
  • Ordering Resources
  • Resource Trifecta – Package, File and Service

Variables and Facts and Conditionals

  • Variables
  • Facts
  • Conditional and Logical Constructs


  • Static Contents Explosion
  • Using Dynamic Content with Templates
  • Templates Overview
  • ERB

Code Compression with Defined Types and Classes

    • Code Compression Technique
    • Arrays
    • Defined Types
    • Classes
    • Parameterized Classes

Defined Typed and Parameterized Classes Continued

  • Puppet Master/Agent
  • Master/Agent Model
  • Installation
  • Configuring Puppet Enterprise Master
  • Configuring and Managing Node with Puppet

Puppet Forge

  • Introduction to Puppetforge
  • Working with Puppet Forge
  • Puppet Modules Tool
  • Downloading

 Puppet Enterprise

  • Overview of Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet Node Manager
  • Classifying Nodes with Puppet
  • Live Management (mcollective)
  • Reporting Features


    • Introduction to Hiera
    • Separating data from code with hierarchical key-value lookup
    • Install and configure Hiera
    • Using Hiera inside manifests
    • Discussion on Roles and Profile Patterns
    • Additional topics if time permits