Objective C Training

Objective-c Training

Objective C training will start with very basics programming language and then focus on accomplishing a good practical understanding of this language. It’s designed to cover basic topics that can help you get introduced to the language. By end of this course, you will have the skills that is needed to understand and write basic Objective-C programs

Overview of some SDK components

  • Objective C 
  • Presentation and history of the Objective C, their syntaxes and specificities.
  • Grasp and understand development tools
  • Create your first application
  • Presentation and use of Storyboards to describe the interfaces
  • Discover essential patterns in iOS development 
  • Use of the documentation
  • Overview of some SDK components
  • Develop an application, first steps
  • Understand and use lists with UITableView
  • Add a simple navigation with UINavigationController
  • Use a WebView to display elaborated content
  • Manage asynchronous processing
  • Advance development tools to optimize and debug the code
  • Develop an application, adding basic functions
  • Manage loading data from the network
  • Know how to parse JSON / XML content
  • Add single persistence and provide an ability to store user preferences
  • Add tabs with UITabBarController
  • Hands on practice with scrollable content
  • The differences between iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications and practices: Auto Layout, Size Classes
  • Develop an application, visual and interactive finishes
  • Make your application localized
  • Optimize the application
  • Add simple animations
  • User interaction through Gesture Recognizer
  • Data entry and data sending
  • Data persistence, use of Core Data
  • Get a grasp of Core Data
  • Store and display of application data on a database managed by Core Data
  • Manage the evolution of data model
  • Use of predicates, Core Data requests language