Workday Data Conversion Certification Training

Overview of Workday Data Conversion Stalwart Learning presents an exclusive Workday Data Conversion Certification Training program aimed at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in executing…

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Stalwart Learning

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3 to 5 Days



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Overview of Workday Data Conversion

Stalwart Learning presents an exclusive Workday Data Conversion Certification Training program aimed at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in executing data conversion projects within the Workday ecosystem. This training is specifically designed for professionals involved in data migration, transformation, and integration activities during Workday implementation or system upgrades.

Our comprehensive training curriculum covers all fundamental concepts and industry best practices for successful data conversion in the Workday environment. Participants will gain hands-on experience with Workday’s powerful data conversion tools and techniques, enabling them to proficiently manage and migrate data from legacy systems to Workday.

The training encompasses key areas such as data extraction, cleansing, mapping, and loading. Participants will learn how to formulate effective data conversion plans, leverage Workday’s data loaders and spreadsheets, perform rigorous data validations, and efficiently troubleshoot any potential data conversion challenges. Moreover, emphasis is placed on ensuring data integrity, maintaining high data quality standards, and adhering to robust data governance protocols throughout the conversion process.

Led by our seasoned instructors, this training program incorporates real-world scenarios and practical insights to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of data conversion in Workday. By the end of the training, participants will possess the requisite skills and confidence to successfully execute data conversion projects in the Workday environment.


3 to 5 Days

Module 1: Introduction to Workday Data Conversion
  • Overview of Workday Data Conversion
  • Importance of data conversion in Workday projects
  • Understanding data migration, transformation, and integration
  • Key concepts and terminology in data conversion
Module 2: Data Extraction and Cleansing
  • Extracting data from legacy systems
  • Identifying and resolving data quality issues
  • Data cleansing techniques and best practices
  • Data transformation and standardization
Module 3: Mapping and Transformation
  • Mapping legacy system data to Workday data model
  • Data mapping techniques and strategies
  • Transforming data for Workday compatibility
  • Handling complex data transformations
Module 4: Workday Data Loaders
  • Introduction to Workday data loaders
  • Setting up and configuring data loaders
  • Loading data into Workday using data loaders
  • Validating and troubleshooting data load errors
Module 5: Workday Spreadsheets and Templates
  • Working with Workday’s pre-delivered templates
  • Customizing and modifying Workday spreadsheets
  • Loading data using Workday spreadsheets
  • Excel integration and data manipulation in Workday
Module 6: Data Validation and Testing
  • Importance of data validation in data conversion
  • Designing and executing data validation strategies
  • Performing rigorous data testing and reconciliation
  • Resolving data discrepancies and errors
Module 7: Data Conversion Project Management
  • Planning and organizing data conversion projects
  • Creating data conversion plans and timelines
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Monitoring and mitigating project risks
Module 8: Data Governance and Quality
  • Implementing data governance practices
  • Establishing data quality standards and controls
  • Data privacy and security considerations
  • Ensuring data integrity throughout the conversion process
Module 9: Troubleshooting and Best Practices
  • Common challenges and issues in data conversion
  • Troubleshooting techniques and strategies
  • Documenting lessons learned and best practices
  • Continuous improvement in data conversion processes
Module 10: Capstone Project
  • Applying knowledge and skills in a real-world data conversion scenario
  • Working on a comprehensive data conversion project from start to finish
  • Demonstrating proficiency in data extraction, transformation, loading, and validation