Arduino Training

  • Participants will have an overview over basic phenomena of computer science
  • Participants will have a framework available where they can position phenomena and products of computer science; (in particular the phenomena and products they will find in other courses, and also the (fragmentary) knowledge they have at the beginning of the study)
  • Participants can explain phenomena of computer science and their relationship
  • Participants can identify basic principles in a new product or service;
  • Participants will have experience with the application of principles of rationality for the design and analysis of (computer) systems
  • Participants will have experience in decomposition and elementary use of logic
  • Participants can identify different stakeholders, and different qualities of requirements to a real system
  • Participants will know the position of rationality with respect to reality and creativity

3 Days

Basic Arduino knowledge is needed

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Digital Input and Outputs
  • LED blinking
  • Traffic light signal
  • Analog IOs (Resolution)
  • Interfacing of LM35
  • LCD interfacing
  • Filters for Analog sensors
  • Introduction to Servo and Stepper motors
  • Servo motor Control
  • Stepper motor Control
  • DC motor direction control
  • DC motor speed control
  • Introduction to H-Bridge
  • Analog sensors
  • Interfacing of Analog sensors with Arduino
  • Home Automation Project
  • Q&A Session