ANT Training

This Ant training course explains developers the skills and knowledge needed to use Ant as an automated build tool. This course begins with an overview of automated build concepts and motivations. Post which it moves into a discussion about Ant as a build tool in terms of its architecture implementation and operation.

With the groundwork laid the course then examines how to setup an Ant build.xml file externalize build configuration information through properties files and define and execute tasks. Working with Ant course accomplishes a discussion of common Ant tasks like continuous integration tasks packaging tasks etc

2 Days

There are no pre requisites for this training

  • What is Ant 
  • How did we get here 
  • Ant v. Make v. Maven v. Ivy
  • System requirements 
  • Getting the software 
  • *installing the software* 
  • Dealing with library dependencies 
  • Gotchas on different platforms
  • A simple hello world Java application 
  • A quick and dirty build file 
  • Command line options 
  • Environment variables and system properties
  • Projects 
  • Targets 
  • Properties 
  • Working with Built in properties 
  • Adding polish to ‘quick and dirty’ build file
  • Filters 
  • Pathing 
  • References 
  • Logging
  • Archive Tasks 
  • File Tasks 
  • Compile Tasks 
  • Execution Tasks 
  • Properties Tasks 

Integrating ANT into your IDE

  • Testing Tasks 
  • Ant and continuous integration servers 
  • Archiving Tasks 
  • Deployment tasks 
  • Integrating Ant with a version control system 

Creating Custom Ant tasks