UiPath Training

Uipath is one among the best Robotic Process Automation tools which is a complete software solution which helps to automate an organization by reducing human stress and saving ample amount of time. Uipath Training makes a candidate to work very rapidly with easy process by using diagrams and flowcharts in the Uipath studio.

Objectives of the Course

    • Is to create the automated projects in Uipath studio
    • Is to create a workflow by using flowcharts and diagrams
    • Is to gain the practical knowledge of Uipath studio

3 Days

Basic knowledge of .NET Programming is enough to learn Uipath

  • Introduction to UiPath
  • UiPath Architecture and Operating Model
  • Prerequisite for UiPath
  • Introduction to UiPath Studio
  • Different Workflows, Control flow & Branching
  • Working with Variables
  • Data table Activities
  • Modularity in UiPath
  • Excel and XML Activities
  • Word Automation
  • Database Activities
  • Recording Window and Web
  • Advance UI Interaction
  • Selectors Manipulation
  • Working with UiPath Explorer
  • Screen and Data Scrapping
  • Citrix, Image and Text Automation using Citrix environment
  • Advance Citrix Automation
  • PDF Automation
  • Email and Outlook Automation
  • Working with User Events
  • Application Integration
  • Debugging and Exception Handling
  • Front and Back office Server Robots
  • Queue Management
  • Server Architecture
  • Server Configuration
  • Integration with Version Control
  • Security Guidelines
  • SAP Automation Introduction Only
  • Mainframe Automation using AS400
  • Development Best Practice
  • Project Organization
  • Orchestrator
  • Understanding PDD, SDD