Spring Boot Training

Spring Boot helps Java developers to build standalone Spring apps which “just run,”  using an embedded instance of Tomcat, Jetty, or Undertow. 


Please find below the objective of the training session:

  • Fundamentals of Groovy, required for scripting Spring Boot
  • Install the Spring Boot Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Build and deploy Spring Boot applications

2 Days

Strong understanding of Spring Core and ideally Spring MVC is required.

  • Features Of Spring Boot
    •Build a new Spring Boot Project using the CLI
    •Build a new Spring Boot Project using the STS
  • Understanding the POM file
  • Understanding the Spring Boot Starters
  • Understanding Application.java
  • Understanding application.properties
  • Understanding ApplicationTests.java
  • Build a new Spring Boot Project using the Spring Initializer
  • Understanding the Spring Boot autoconfiguration
  • Overriding the default configuration values
    •Changing the location of the configuration file
    •Reading the Custom Properties
  • Using a .yml file for configuration
  • Using multiple Configuration files
  • Changing the Default Embedded Web Server
    •Implement the Data Access Layer with Spring Data JPA and Hibernate
    •Implement the Service Layer
    •Implement the Controller Layer-Spring Rest API
    •Spring Security Integration with Spring Boot
    •Spring Boot Logging
    •HealthCheck and Metrics Using Actuators