Soft Skills Instructor-Led Courses

Business Skills

Business Ethics
Business Etiquette
Business Succession Planning
Change Management
Customer Service
Meeting Management
Overcoming Sales Objections
Safety In The Workplace
Sales Fundamentals
Client relationship management
Supply Chain Management
Stakeholders management
Business storytelling
Networking Skills
Design Thinking
 Instructional Design
 Technical White Board 

 Communication Skills

Body Language Basics
Business Writing
Communication Strategies
Email Etiquette
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Basics
Media And Public Relations
Presentation Skills
Proposal Writing
Social Intelligence
Social Media In The Workplace
Conference Call and Telephonic
Conversation Skills
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Listening skills
Assertive Communication
Accent Neutralization

Conflict Management Skills

Anger Management
Civility In The Workplace
Conflict Resolution
Workplace Harassment
Six Thinking Hat

Human Resource Skills

Employee On-boarding
Employee Recruitment
Generation Gaps
Hiring Strategies
Interviewing Skills
Human Resource Management
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Talent Management
Behavioral Event Interviewing
Telework And Telecommuting
Virtual Team Building And Management
Workplace Diversity
 Performance Management
Campus to Corporate Orientation
Competency Assessments 

Interoffice & Relationship Skills 

 Appreciative Inquiry
Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Emotional Intelligence
 Interpersonal Skills
Cross Cultural Sensitivity – General
Women Empowerment

Leadership Skills

Facilitation Skills
 Leadership And Influence
 First Managers
Teamwork And Team Building
Manager Management
 Leading Highly Successful Teams
Seven Habits of Highly Effective people
People Management Skills
Influencing Skills
Delegation Skills 

Middle Management Skills

Middle Management
Office Politics For Managers
Supervising Others 
Providing Feedback
Coaching And Mentoring
Employee Motivation

Personal Improvement Skill

Personal Productivity
Stress Management
Analytical Thinking
Work-Life Balance
Personal Branding

Problem Solving Skills

Attention Management
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Negotiation Skill
Strategic planning and decision-making  

Time Management Skills

Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Organisational Skills
Time Management
Project Management 

Sales Skills

 In Person Sales
Motivating Your Sales Team
Overcoming Sales Objections
Key Account Management
 Sales Fundamentals
Coaching Salespeople
Top 10 Sales Secrets
Inbound and Outbound  Sales and Service

Executive Coaching 

 One to one Coaching
Interview Skills Coaching
Key Person Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Executive Presentation Coaching
Employability Enhancement Trainin​g