RPA Training

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging process automation domain that focuses on automating mundane, clerical, and repetitive, structured and rule-based activities and processes. Be it an insurance provider, a bank, a healthcare organization or any other service provider, a number of back offices, Call Centre and BPO types of processes could be automated to maximize the workforce utilization, reduce cost and improve operational efficiency. RPA provides a set of tools, solutions and modelling capabilities to automate processes in terms of robotic or virtual workforce that is much more efficient, reliable and productive in carrying out the activities to enable an organization to become agile. There are a number of RPA tools in the market viz. UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, etc. that are the top end products that help organizations in the implementation of RPA solutions.


The course covers end-to-end aspects of planning, designing, architecting and developing of RPA solutions. The aim of the course is to equip participants with both conceptual and implementation skills to develop and deploy RPA solutions

2 Days

BPO/Call Centre/IT Support Managers, Technical and Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Senior Developers, Business Analysts and Project Managers

  • Business case for automation in the industry
  • Role of RPA, AI and Machine Learning for automation
  • Defining RPA and RPA trends
  • Why RPA and why now? 
  • Developing RPA Vision for your organization 
  • Creating RPA value proposition and RPA agenda 
  • Spotting automation opportunities – Front-end, Back-end, IT support functions, Manufacturing and Logistics 
  • Developing business context for an RPA program
  • Understanding RPA end-to-end Process
  • RPA Examples
  • Overview of RPA for Business Process Automation 
  • Overview of RPA Solution Architecture and Features
  • RPA for BPO Automation
  • RPA for Call Centre Automation
  • RPA for Back-office Automation 
  • RPA Tools 
    • UiPath
    • Blue Prism
    • Automation Anywhere, etc.
  • Setting up RPA Environment
  • RPA Use Cases:
    • Excel Automation
    • Desktop automation
    • Web Automation
    • GUI Automation
    • Screen Scarping
    • Citrix Automation
    • Mainframe Automation
    • SAP Automation
  • RPA Tool demo: UiPath
  • RPA Tool Features and Modules
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • RPA Case Studies for Finance, Insurance, Telecom domains