NodeMCU Training

Course is a brief introduction to the NodeMCU, its various Firmware options and how we program it with the Arduino IDE. Its appropriate for a student who wishes to get some introduction on how to work with such boards, like Arduino or NodeMCU that use the ESP8266 chipset. Small plans are provided that do some basic tasks, like blinking LEDs on the NodeMCU board

1 Days

Basic knowledge of Electronics, Processors and C language

  • Introduction
  • What is NodeMCU
  • Hardware Used for the projects
  • Hardware Pictures
  • Setting up Arduino IDE
  • Turning on the LDE Light
  • Turning on the LDE light – on nodeMCU
  • Connecting to WiFi and Make a TCP Connection
  • What is MQTT
  • Running MQTT Client Code on NodeMCU
  • MQTT Subscriber on Android App
  • Sketch/ Code for Arduino WiFi – for MQTT Client/WiFi/Temperature
  • I2C Bus Details
  • Summary