Maven Training


1 Days

1) Maven installed => follow this link: https://maven.apache.org/install.html

Once installed they should try the following command to ensure it’s working from the command line: 

mvn -h

2) Eclipse JEE version.

  • Apache Maven Introduction
  • Goals of Maven
  • Why Use Apache Maven?
  • Setting up environment variables for Maven
  • Run From Command Line
  • Create Java Project from command Line
  • Convert Maven Project to an Eclipse Project
  • Add external dependency to Maven
  • Setting up a Proxy
  • Maven Dependency Management and its Resolution
    • Using Repositories
    • Dependency Identification
    • Transitive Dependencies
    • Dependency Scope
    • Manual Dependency Installation
  • Basic Project Organization
  • Understanding pom.xml
  • Properties in pom.xml
  • Excluding Dependencies
  • Goals and Plug-ins
  • Life Cycle and Phases
  • Plugin Development
  • Built-in Archetypes
  • Generating Web Project
  • Multi-module Project
  • Creating an Archetype
  • Using the Archetype
  • Generating an executable JAR
  • Generating a JAR of the source code
  • Generating a JAR of the test classes
  • Building a WAR project
  • Building a pom project
  • Maven Sonar plugin
  • Maven Enforcer plugin
  • Other Plugins
  • Using the Site Life Cycle
  • Advanced Site Configuration