Kendo UI Training

This is the course for you if you want to build web or mobile interfaces with Kendo UI. Kendo UI components help you build rich web interfaces which will work well on any native browser client. Our course in Kendo UI will make you proficient in aspects like usage of Kendo UI components, integrating it with HTML and Angular JS amongst many more such important topics

1 Days

Prior knowledge on jQuery is required

  • What is Kendo UI?
  • Kendo UI Capabilities
  • Browser Support
  • Platform Support
  • Licensing
  • Installing Kendo UI
  • Adding Kendo UI to a web page
  • Introduction
  • What are Web Widgets?
  • Available Widgets
  • Examples
  • Using Widgets
  • Declarative Initialization
  • Configuration
  • Data Source Configuration
  • Event Binding
  • Styling
  • Primitives
  • Using Theme Builder
  • Kendo UI Grid Widget
  • Using List View
  • Menu
  • Panel Bar
  • Creating Custom Widgets
  • Internationalizing Widgets
  • Chart Types
  • Creating a Chart
  • Using Local Data
  • Using Remote Data
  • Configuration
  • Template Integration
  • Multi Axis
  • Gauges
  • Linear Gauge