ISTQB Training

The objective of this course is to prepare trainees for ISTQB Foundation level. This is a certification targeted for professionals who need a basic understanding of software testing, such as test designers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and IT Professionals.

2 Days

There are no Pre-requisites for this course

  • Fundamentals of Testing


  • Why is Testing Necessary?
  • What Is Testing?
  • Seven Testing Principles
  • Fundamental Testing Process
  • The Psychology of Testing
  • Code of Ethics



  • Testing Throughout the Project Lifecycle


  • Software Development Models
  • Test Levels
  • Test Types
  • Maintenance Testing


  • Static Techniques


  • Static Techniques and the Test Process
  • Review Process
  • Static Analysis by Tools



  • Testing Design Techniques


  • The Test Development Process
  • Categories of Test Design Techniques
  • Specification based Techniques (Black Box)
  • Structure based Techniques (White Box)
  • Experience Based Techniques
  • Choosing Test Techniques



  • Test Management


  • Test Organization
  • Test Planning and Estimation
  • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk & Testing
  • Incident Management



  • Tool Support for Testing


  • Types of Test Tools
  • Effective Use of Tools – Potential Benefits and Risks
  • Introducing a Tool into an Organization



  • Exam Related Tips & Techniques


  • Quiz
  • Sample Questions



  • Testing Videos


  • Instructor will also broadcast about 6-7 videos showcasing key Testing Concepts



  • Sample Tests


  • Participants will appear for one pre course Test (Day 1) & another test on the end of the program (Day 3)  




  • PDF Version of Instructors Slides
  • Training Videos on ISTQB
  • ISTQB Sample Questions (Approx. 400 questions in pdf format)
  • Practice Exercises (PDF Version)