Couchbase Training

Couchbase training lets you master one of the most powerful NoSQL databases. This is a multi-model NoSQL file-oriented database software package that is deployed in critical enterprises. Hands-on experience will be provided in working with Couchbase Server that can store credentials and key values.

3 Days

There are no Prerequisites for this training program, however a prior knowledge on database concepts may be helpful.

  • Introduction to Couchbase
  • Features & Use cases
  • NoSQL & CAP Theorem – Document Vs Key-Value Vs Column Oriented
  • Where does Couchbase fit into overall NoSQL ecosystem
  • Architecture Overview & Terminology
  • How replication works
  • Installation 
  • N1QL & SQL Difference
  • Couchbase Web Console
  • Cluster – Add, remove node, rebalancing, rejoining
  • Hands-on
  • Setting up buckets- Create, delete, flush, change settings of buckets 
  • Indexing 
  • Data Model – Management – Atomicity, Consistency, concurrency, Document Expiration
  • Querying data with N1QL
  • Querying Geographic Data with Spatial Views
  • Hands on
  • Overview of Integration Plugins
  • Dos and don’ts to be considered while using Couchbase
  • Replication (Geo redundancy)
  • Connecting to Couchbase from Java project
  • Backup & Restore – Tools, Backup Strategy
  • Tools Overview – CLI, REST API, Query tools, cbimport, cbexport
  • Hands on