Bitcoin Training

  • Participant will learn about Bitcoin mechanisms and how the Bitcoin network works. You will understand why transactions with Bitcoins are secure and efficient
  • Participant will learn how Bitcoin mining works and how blocks are added in the Blockchain
  • 1Participant will also be taught how to mine Bitcoin from your own personal computer

1 Days

The learners must have a basic knowledge of digital currency and working experience in computer operations.



  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Why use Bitcoins?
  • Bitcoin Trading: Buying, selling and storing Bitcoins
  • Bitcoin Ecosystem
  • Structure of a Bitcoin Transaction
  • Scripting language in Bitcoin
  • Applications of Bitcoin script
  • Nodes in a Bitcoin Network
  • Setting up bitcoin wallet
  • Creating a paper wallet
  • Bitcoin Transaction tracking


  • Bitcoin Economics
  • What is Bitcoin Mining?
  • Types of Mining
  • Mining and Consensus
  • Assembling and selecting chains of blocks
  • Mining and the hashing race
  • Mining Pools
  • Installing Bitcoin Mining software
  • Mining Bitcoin on your PC