Google’s Angular framework, is a much sought-after skill in the industry today. The Angular Bootcamp gets you prepared for building enterprise-grade applications using Angular.

3 Days

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge
  • Very basic algorithms and data structures knowledge (traversing and using     arrays, using objects in JavaScript)
  • Bootstrap knowledge is a plus, but not necessary

NOTE: Knowledge of Angular JS (Angular v1.x) or Angular 2/4/5 is NOT required.

  • Installation – Gearing up for Angular application development
  • Scaffolding an Angular application using the Angular CLI
  • Understanding the Project Structure
  • Understanding the Build Process and How and Angular Application Bootstraps
  • Basics of the Angular CLI
  • Introduction to the Sample Application – Product Cataloging Application
  • Creating Components
  • Using *ngIf, *ngFor, ngStyle, ngClass
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks
  • Binding Events
  • Binding to Properties and Attributes
  • 2-way Data Binding
  • Transforming Data with Pipes
  • The Built-in Pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes
  • Sorting and Filtering using Pipes
  • Communication Patterns
  • The @Input and @Output Decorators
  • Change Detection
  • Routing Concepts in a Single Page Application
  • Configuring Routes
  • Passing Parameters to a Route and Retrieving them
  • Organizing features of an Application the Application – Defining Feature Modules
  • Shared Modules
  • Injectors and providers
  • Building and Registering a Service
  • Injecting the Http Service
  • Communicating with the backend using Http
  • Authentication (using JWT-based backend)
  • Template-driven and Reactive Forms
  • Form-related Classes
  • Validating Template-driven Forms
  • Introduction to Reactive forms
  • Custom Validations using Reactive Forms
  • ng new
  • ng serve
  • ng generate
  • ng build
  • AOT Compilation and Enabling Production Mode